Sunday, May 31, 2015

blog spot 18

What I have learned.
I have learned about the incas
I have learned about the maya
I have learned about the aztecs
I have learned about the black plague
I have learned about the mayan calendar
I have learned about Columbus
I have learned about Columbus Day
I have learned about silk road
I have learned about Italy
I have learned about vikings
I have learned about serfs
I have learned about how people get there last names
I have learned about human Scarface
I have learned about weapons
I have learned about Japanese culture
I have learned about the great wall of china
I have learned about Mongolians
I have learned about how the Aztecs fell
I have learned about how the romans fell
I have learned about King Henry
I have learned about Catharine of Aragon   
I have learned about monks
I have learned about priests
I have learned about monasteries
I have learned about the Chinese's social classes
I have learned about how the Inca's fell
I have learned about the romans
I have learned about the showguns
I have learned about the Japanese emperors.
  This year in Mr. Ippolitos class was fun

blog post 17

Pull factor is something that attracts people a push factor something that pushes someone or something away. well if there is alot of zombies in one place then thats a push factor if there is no zombies and alot of people a alot resoucres than thats a pull factor. Push factors is that we have no good restaurants, The schools have kids that are bad influinecs and the drought, the constent bluiding of new houses that are destoring our land.

Blog post 16

Why we should celebarte
  • He discovered america
  • He brought a new religon
  • new foods and animals to america
  •  Paved a new way to america
  • Changed world history

Why we shouldnt celebrate
  • He made sex trafficing
  • slavery
  • brought plague
  • took the fame of discovering something thats already discovered
  • got arested in his own city thats he ruled
We shouldnt celebrate colmbus day.  Because he brought plague and He made slavery. He made sex trafficking. He got arested in his own city.

Blog post 15

In the painting I notice that There is alot of crosses, there is the virgan marry, and there is a sea mine. I think he is favorable. Because it looks like clombus is bringing relgion to the new world and new ideas. I feel that he should be condisered a villian. Because he made slavery. He made sex trafficing. and he killed alot of native americans.

blog post 14

The news article I read was about the Aztecs how the weren't that powerful. They didn't have a lot of obsidian. That obsidian is used to make knifes and arrowheads. Since they didn't have a lot they can get over run really easy that's why conquerors got them so easy.

This article relates to what we are learning by how they got conquered and their problems. They didn't have a lot of obsidian so that meant not a lot of knifes and arrowheads. So they can get conquered really easy by anyone. So when they ran out of obsidian they had to stop making obsidian weapons. Then they got conquered.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

history Homework

1. I made a team to help with this project. And yes I am motivated to get this done.

2. The goals have stayed the same. I hope i can have this finished by my 31.

3. A person that conquers places, the word means its bond to happen, yes, . Well they could have just made an agreement. Or they could have leave themselves alone. They could have done taxes. Or finally they could have just traded there grain for their life.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

history homework

The coning of the head and crossed eyes, people now a days do piercings and tattoos. Similar things people do that the Mayas did was ear piercers and tattoos. I think that when it goes to breast implants or a face lift. I think like tattoos and piercings are fine but other things are too far. and those things are worth. But it really depends on how you grew up with it.